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Working with ListBox

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First, I must congratulate you for this wonderful program (Which I had found out only week ago...)

However, I am having problem working with ListBox functions:

any one of the following commands didn't return a desired result (aka real value...)

AutoIt.ControlCommand "Form1", "", "ThunderRT6ListBox1", "AddString", "string"

MsgBox AutoIt.ControlCommand("Form1", "", "ThunderRT6ListBox1", "GetCurrentSelection", "")

MsgBox AutoIt.ControlCommand("Form1", "", "ThunderRT6ListBox1", "GetSelected", "")

What am I doing wrong?

(I Am using AutoItX3 via VB)

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$cmd_1 = ControlCommand("", "", "", "GetCurrentSelection", "")

$cmd_2 = ControlCommand("", "", "", "GetSelected", "")

MsgBox (0,"", $cmd_1)

MsgBox (0,"", $cmd_2)

you had improper use of the commands

hope it helps



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Thanks, but I think i misunderstood you.

As I said, I am using AutoItX3 via VB. Therefore, that is the corresponding program syntax. Despite The difference between native Autoit script and VB syntax, I didn't see any further difference...

Any suggestion?

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