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Comp analysis Test (Sorry)

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The program:

It will give you an indication if certain software is installed on the pc. If the software is installed it will give you a green tick if not then it will give you a red cross. If IE is a lower version than 8 or mbam is a lower version than 1.5 then it will give you a plus icon to show that it can be updated. if you wish to install the software thats missing then click onthe red cross and this will change the icon to a yellow arrow then press the fix selected button.

When first run it will create a prog.ini file. You can use this to set your locations and switches for your installs. It should tell you if ther service pack is upto date for the OS and if win update is enabled.

The hardware tab will give you various info but its far from perfect. i have not added any error checking as of yet. I did this briefly before xmas and thought id share with everyone and update as i went along. If anyone wants to help me update or has any better code for the certain areas then im open to everything.

Im Gonna add the pieces one step at a time and im using chrome now to do it.



See addon posts below

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