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Fill in the textbox with FF

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first I want to say that my english is not very well, but I try my best. I`ve got a problem with the fill in of a textbox on a webpage. Little information I use the FF.au3 UDF

Here is the code of the textbox:

<input type="text" class="text2 msg_input" tabindex="54" name="email" maxlength="50" value="">

I had tried it with den function _FFSetValue but it doesn't work. So I tried to get it with XPath. But this doesn't work too.

Here is my code:

_FFSetValue("email2222", "email", "name")
; or
_FFXPath("//input[@type='text' and @name='email']", "value='test'")

Do anyone know whats my problem is?

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