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ShellExecute with Parameters

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I have a OpenDs.vbs script (VBScript) that I'm running from the command windows as

OpenDs "Crumble Adoc (admin)\Initial Top Level Collection A"

If I use

ShellExecute("C:\AutoIt Scripts\OpenDs.vbs","Crumble Adoc (admin)\Initial Top Level Collection A")

it displays the message box with the word "Crumble" meaning that it terminates the parameter at the first space.

If I use

ShellExecute("C:\AutoIt Scripts\OpenDs.vbs")

it runs VBScript but without the parameter.

How to run the script with one parameter that has spaces?

I appreciate any help on this subject.



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HI All,

Appreciate its been a while since any activity on this topic.. However I am experiencing a similar issue as described 

The parameter doesn't seem to be recognized, This throws up the Windows Installer menu,, implying the switch is invalid

I have tried using a variety of combinations using '"/x"' "/x" ""/x"" '/x'

ShellExecute($source & "\APP\" & $APPMSI,'"/x"')

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Looking at your posted code it seems you are running an MSI?

How does the working commandline  look when shelled from the CMD prompt? 


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Hi Jos

Thanks for getting back to me, 

Yes this is installing an MSI

This is how it looks in the command windows

app.msi, /x,E:\Temp\apppath\" /qn

Just to add the MSI works fine manually, it also works if I use Runwait


Many thanks

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