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Script which counts clicks in a specific link or area

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I was wondering how do I make a script, which counts clicks in the specific area/link/button.

The specific link is gonna be PostMethod (HTML) button.

So let's think that I would like to count how much I wanna press Send It -button in this website:


Every time when I press "Send It" -button, script will count that.

Is that possible with AutoIt?

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Well, first of all, welcome.

There might be a way to detect when it's clicked (IE might fire an event of some kind) then count that. Will take a little research...

Alternatively, you might be able to first find where the button is on the page and how big it is (not quite sure how to do this but I'm sure it can be done - unless of course you know where it will be all the time), then:

  • monitor for mouse clicks
  • on every mouse click determine if it's location falls within the button's bounds and if the window is active/on top.
Also, if you describe your overall project and why it is necessary to count the button presses you might get some suggestions for other ways of approaching it.

How new are you with AutoIt, have you got any code at all yet?

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