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C# AutoIt Send Function Missing Text

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Hello. I tried to search for an existing solution but could not find an answer so here it goes.

I find the window handle, then mouse press the text box I'm about to write, then I click on the autoit button to allow the text to send. However, sometimes autoit will not send all the characters and miss one character. For example, if I command it to send "American Express", it will send instead "Amercan Express". I'm not sure what's causing the problem as I'm not flipping between windows. Any suggestions would help. The simple code I have below is

AutoTyper.WinActivate("Internet Explorer", "");

if (AutoTyper.WinActive("Internet Explorer", "") == 1)


String textToType = "American Express";

for (int i = 0; i < textToType.Length; i++)


AutoTyper.Send(textToType.ToString(), 1);

//Sleep anywhere from 30ms to 60ms

System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(randObj.Next(30, 61));




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