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$result = StringTrimLeft("I am a string", 3)

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Depends on what is in $myArray.

#include <Array.au3>
Dim $myarray[2]
$myarray[0] = 'Hello world'
$myarray[1] = 'Ola senior!'

msgbox(0,'Default', $myarray[0] & @LF & $myarray[1])

StringTrimLeft($myarray, 3)

msgbox(0,'StringTrimLeft', $myarray[0] & @LF & $myarray[1])

_ArrayTrim($myarray, 3)

msgbox(0,'_ArrayTrim', $myarray[0] & @LF & $myarray[1])

Note that StringTrimLeft, didn't do anything, because a) It doesn't work on arrays, and :( It doesn't affect the variable by reference, it returns the changed string.

In fact, if you do this:

Dim $myarray[2]
$myarray[0] = 'Hello world'
$myarray[1] = 'Ola senior!'

$myarray = StringTrimLeft($myarray, 3)
msgbox(0,'Default', $myarray[0] & @LF & $myarray[1])

You get an error because $myarray is no longer an array.

I can't actually see how you assumed that either of them do the same thing at all. Did you even try them first?

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