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reading information from a program, but no distinct Id tags

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Hi guys, iv been working on a code that im using in a workrelated way

so far the program i am reading from has a few tags like "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:57]" ect,

however as this program is not that great it seems, some of the "inputfields" that shows info are registered as

[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:198] however inside there it is like 4 boxes showing information.

ie: Class button!

however some of the information i'm trying to exstract is shown in hidden text and visible text, so i where just wondering is there a way to extract this information?

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Have you tried enabling hidden text? With some programs, I also have to enable searching child windows, but it is more for window recognition, not controls. just try

Opt('WinDetectHiddenText', 1)
Opt('WinSearchChildren', 1)
$wTitle = 'Your Window Title'
$Control = '[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:198]'
WinWait($wTitle, '')
MsgBox(262208, 'Returned Text', ControlGetText($wTitle, '', $Control))

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