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I am looking for a progress bar that will be working during a single file copy ,I have searched the forum and couldent find any thing for my code

here is the code :

Local $source = "C:\Users\esason\Desktop\Linux\RH4.4\rh44-yum-client-disk1.vmdk"

Local $destanation = "C:\test"


func copy($source ,$destanation )

ProgressOn("Progress Meter", "Increments every second", "0 percent")

;if FileExists($destanation) then ProgressSet(100 , "Done", "Complete")

For $i = 10 to 100 step 1


ProgressSet( $i, $i & " percent")


FileCopy($source ,$destanation,9)

if FileExists($destanation) then ProgressSet(100 , "Done", "Complete")




which doesent display the copy proccess accurately

Can any one help

Thanks :x

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Is it possible that Windows gives no progress feedback on a single file copy? So how can any copy function show progress? What if you read the size of the source file, fire off the copy as a separate thread or process, then monitor the size of the copied file?


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Maybe this would help ->



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You can write your own function to read data from source file in chunks and write in destination file. This progress can be shown on a progress bar control even for a single file.

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