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[SOLVED] Bug in Autoit?

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maybe this is a bug or i should take a creative-break for a while...

this is the situation:


$b1 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Test", 20, 20, 100, 20)
GuiCtrlSetbkColor($b1, 0x12e3db)

i create a blue-colored button. works fine.

now, with a function, i set the button back to the basic-style:


works also fine.

if i now try to set the text-color, text changes to red. but the backgroundcolor would also be changed to the first (blue) value.

GuiCtrlSetColor($b1, 0xff0000)

those two actions should be independent to each other, shouldnt they?

it drives me realy crazy.... please help....

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Setting the style does not change the underlying background color, it just overrides it because the bk color cannot be shown with the default style. Once you try to set the text color, the button style is changed to the custom style again where you have the old bk color already set. You'll notice if you just set the text color on the button (and not the bk color) that the bk color and style change anyway.

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