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Open txt file with elevated rights

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Is it possible to open a text file with elevated rights while a script is running as a regular user for editing? :x

I'm using the "FileOpen" command in my script and just discovered that the file I'm attempting to append, the user does not have the "modify" right to. I can not change the location of the file I'm attempting to modify.

I tried this, but it is not really working...

RunAs("UserName", @ComputerName, "Password", 0, "C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe C:\SoftwareDir\AppName\FileName.txt", "C:\Windows\system32\")
WinWaitActive("FileName.txt - Notepad")
Send("This is some added text.")
WinClose("FileName- Notepad")
WinWaitActive("Notepad", "Do you want to save")

fyi...when the original script is running, I don't want the "FileName.txt" file to bee seen by the user or on the task bar.

Any ideas? :P

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Yea!!!! :idiot:

Thanks to other posts referencing "SetACL"...thanks HelgeKlein.com... my issue has been solved; albiet a work around. Bottom line, it works! ;)

Oh, and special thanks to those to posted a reply to this thread!! :)


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