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Runtime error after compiling


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I have just implemented the wonderful tips that Wolfgang has provided and I have just compiled the PatchListEditor.au3 file using Beta v3.1.1.46 and get an error.

Not being a real programmer I am unsure where this is coming from, searched in groups but nothing specfic and takes a long tie to find so hope someone can help.

The error that pops up is... :(

Line 0 (File "........"):

Local $p = DllStructCreate ($struct)

Local $p = ^ ERROR

Error: Unknown function name.

The MSPATCH.aU3 compiles and works so not sure why this is happening and I have tried to compile serveral tiems with other versions and all the same rersult.

Help most appriciated.

OPS! :(

Sorry for the mix up this was supposed to join another current post.

Will copy it accross to proper posting.


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