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How can I run my script on a remote computer over the network?

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I created an AutoIt script that starts a windows software application, applies any software updates and then signs on to the application. The script works great when run locally on a PC but I need to execute this script remotely on 20-30 PC's from my main PC. I initially used to execute this script on the remotes PC's and while it seemed to work it lead to I also tried BeynodExec and Remote Execute applications and neither of them worked. Lastly, I read a little about using WMI but from what I could tell WMI will not work with newer OS because WMI will not be able to interact with the GUI.

I think the main problem I am having with my initial attempts at running the script remotely is that regardless of which solution I use, it doesn't run the script exactly as if it were the user signed on to the PC doing it. It runs the script using the system account or admin account I specifiy but not as the actual user signed on. For this reason, I think I need to use a different method.

Here are my current alternative ideas for accomplishing this:

1) Set registry RunOnce value to run SignOn script and reboot PC's

2) I already have a bootup script that runs when PC's are booted. I could change it to read some file on the network to determine if I need to run the SignOn script. I just worry about 20-30 PC's reading and udpating the file at once. I would also need to reboot the PC's.

3) The last idea was to have some type of script that is always running on the remote PC's and is "listening" for instructions. I think this would mean having a hidden AutoIt script running as a local service, although I am not completely sure what that means.

I would appreciate any advice and pros/cons of using the above 3 options or any other ideas you may have. Also, I really don't know how to accomplish #3. Any tips on what to start searching for and reading would be appreciated.

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