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TrayIcon does not appear on windows 7, bug?

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I got a problem on windows 7. If i run multiple autoit scripts what shows a tray icon, the tray icon of some scripts won't appear in sys tray!

I need to click once on the arrow at sys tray, after the script needs to reshow the tray icon with TraySetState()


I tested this only on windows 7. It doesn't mather what script i use. Simply tested it with the AutoIt TraySetState() default code.

It does only work again, if i click on the arrow.

I am pretty sure that this is no windows bug and more a autoit with windows 7 bug

Would be nice if someone can confirm me that this is a bug/problem, or if someone has a solution

The only way to fix it for my scripts, is to let it execute TraySetState(1) each few seconds, so that it will appear

Kind regards


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hm it seems, it only happens if i run it through scite, strange


i set it to Always show

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