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I'm trying to access the functions of a DLL. The DLL came with some headers, which contained references to a handful of functions.

It also contained the demonspawn known as a Struct.

My understanding of DLL manipulation is limited; and then this stuff gets thrown at me. Anyway.

struct PINFO


int 1;

int 2;

char 3;

char 4;

char 5;

char 5;

unsigned short 6;

unsigned short 7;

PStats 8;

PStats 9;

short 10;

short 11;

PE 12;

short 13;

short 14;

short 15;

char 16;

char 17;

int 18;

PlayerCombatSkills 19;

PlayerMagicSkills 20;

PlayerCraftLevels 21;

char null0[146];

unsigned short 22;

unsigned char 23;

unsigned char 24;

char null1[78];

unsigned short 25[32];


I need to get the information stored in int 2.

The information in this struct, as I'm understanding the minimal documentation, is populated by calling this command:

FAPI void GetPInfo(void* Instance, PINFO* P);

Instance refers to the PID. I can get that quite easily. Other than that, nothing I've tried thus far has worked - I blame this almost exclusively on my current minimal knowledge of this area.

To sum up: If someone could explain to me how to work with this sort of thing, that would be fantastic. I'm starting to pull my hair out over this.

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