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__IELockSetForegroundWindow($nLockCode) Not working for Forms


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Ok, I've tried to get __IELockSetForegroundWindow($nLockCode) (an internal routine in ie.au3) that is meant to lock the active window so a new window does not steal the focus.

I tested it with a MSGBOX and it works as advertised, even though it seems to return a code 0, which means it failed. Not sure what that's about. The MSGBoX appears but the current focus stays put.

But when I tried this on a form created with GUICreate, the form grabs the focus despite a call to the locking routine.

Has anyone dealt with this issue, I'd like the form to popup , but not steal the focus from whatever app has it.

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From MSDN: LockForegroundWindow

The system automatically enables calls to SetForegroundWindow if the user presses the ALT key or takes some action that causes the system itself to change the foreground window (for example, clicking a background window).


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