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Simulated keystrokes detection?

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Let's say Computer1 has a simple notepad window open.

A] I manually type in a few characters (with keyboard).

B] I remotely administer Computer1 from Computer2 (Windows Remote Desktop/ultravnc/Teamviewer/Radmin/whatever). I now type in a few characters (into Computer1:s opened notepad) manually with Computer2:s keyboard.

C] Finally, I'm running an AutoIt script on Computer2, using the Send() function to type in a few characters remotely (into Computer1:s opened notepad).

Are all these inputs (A, B, C) interpreted exactly the same, from Computer1:s point of view? Is there any way to tell which of these inputs is from an actual keyboard and which that are being sent through an AutoIt script?

Further more, would it be detectable if the input is taken place in a particular input field in a certain application/software running (instead of notepad) ? If so, how?

Summary: I'd like to know IF there are techniques to detect the authenticity of a computer's key input actions (most likely from a keyboard (pc, laptop, whatever)) and if so, how to detect this.

On a side note: Perhaps this also depends on what remote software that's being used?

Thanks in advance

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