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I am trying to see if i can automate a file being encrypted thru winzip but im kindda stuck with the encryption process here is the part of the code i am having trouble with

Global $sWinTitle = "Encrypt"
ControlSend($sWinTitle, "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", "Password")
ControlSend($sWinTitle, "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:2]", "Password")
ControlClick($sWinTitle,"", "[CLASS:Radio; TEXT:128-Bit AES (Strong)")
;-ControlClick($sWinTitle,"", "[CLASS:Radio; INSTANCE:2")

the problem is that i can't get the script to click or choose the 2nd radio button which is "128-Bit AES (Strong)"

just for reference here is the window from winzip


O.o Fixed it :)

ControlCommand($sWinTitle, "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:4]", "Check", "")
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