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Multiple Lines - MsgBox

Guest bcinst2005

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Guest bcinst2005

i want a message box to pop up and display multiple lines...

MsgBox(48, "Passwords", "Text Lines 1 Text Line 2")

I want the "text line 1" and "text line 2" to be on their own lines like

Text Line 1

Text Line 2

Is it possible with MsgBox? or do i have to use something else?


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         "If the text lines that you want to write are long," & @CR &_
         "...you might consider using the line continuation feature." & @CR &_
         "" & @CR &_
         "This makes things look better in your editor." & @CR &_
         "" & @CR &_
         "You can skip lines as shown above or..." & @CR &_
         "...use two or more carriage returns at the end of a line" & @CR & @CR & @CR &_
         "                                 The End.")


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