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Referencing text files

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Right now I have a line in my script that says "If $text="DPF" or $text="DOM" then" and goes on to tell it what to do. Instead of writing "If $text=" each specific symbol, is there a way to just reference a text file with DPF DOM and all other symbols in it, so I don't have to write "If $text" for every single symbol. Thanks.


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You could read a text file and StringSplit it. Then use the output array in a loop to check against.


I had time to waste :)

If check_symbol() = True Then
    msgBox(48, "Yay", "It's true!")

Func check_symbol($input)
    If $input = "" Then Return False ; simple error check
    $outcome = ""
    $symbol_file = ;<open text file with read access here>
    $symbols = StringSplit($symbol_file, ",")
    For $i = 1 To $symbols[0] ; or add +1 after [0] of count isn't correct
        If $input = $symbols[$i] Then Return True
    FileClose($symbol_file) ;<close text file read access>
    If $outcome = "" Return False

Didn't run it because it's NOT complete! May contain some errors, this is just a little something to help.

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