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VBScript to AutoIt Help/Conversion

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Hi All,

This is probably a question that comes up a lot but I thought I would ask.

I have a VBS that currently performs an Inventory from a machine list and outputs the result to various tables in an access DB. This is currently working as I want however I would like to get it converted to AutoIt if possible.

I have ran the script through the conversion tool on the forums but unfortuately it seems that it may be a little too complex for it to simply convert and ran..... Nothing is ever that easy :idiot:

The reason that I want to convert it is so that I can package it and not give the source code to anyone and although I can get by in VBS I am new to AutoIt and diving in at the deep end :)

Is there someone on the forums familiar with VBS and AutoIt that could offer some assistance or even covert this? (I would be willing to offer a little reward ;))

Please mail me and I can supply the VBS for you to look at.


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You got the wrong forum for that. If you want help here you should post up the script you're trying to convert, what you have converted, and where it is failing.

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