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Web Page Check and Excel

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Hi all ,

Thanks for the great tool and forum , require assistance for a task which I believe , for which autoIt is typically meant for.

This is what I am trying to work with.


On this URL there is a provision to check "DND Registration Check".

Input the mobile number and it displays in the web page , whether the number is registered or not.

Using Auto It trying to :

1.Read an Excel File

2.Open the web page

3.Press the link - Provide the Input

4.Obtain status (then do String manipulation)

5.Re Write into a new / existing excel

Please provide your valuable guidelines to how to approach this , that I can start trying to work it out.

Possible glitches I foresee are

1.URL is not a fixed one

2.Speed at which autoit can and should do

3.Obtaining the response

There are two body tags in the result page.

Sending / Obtaining the response. ?????

I think I might be able to manage simple opening of IE , reading excel , writing excel.

Please provide a list of functions that would be ideal for this , and the approach I should take.

I shall try and revert back here , with my honest attempts.

Note : I am at the hello world stage with autoit / but familiar with programming in general - a quick learner.


Looking forward

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Alright then. Quickly put:

  • You can use the Excel library (offered here: ) to get the phone numbers from the Excel input file.
  • You can use the included with AutoIt IE library to do very fine control of Internet Explorer. You can use this very easily to POST the request to the website and read out the results.
  • Once you have the HTML result of that page, the string manipulation that is required should be no problem. Simply check for a pre-defined substring.
  • You can then use the same Excel library to write the output to another Excel file.

If you wish to avoid Excel library (I would), you can store the list of phone numbers in a CSV which is more easily parseable by a program and write output in CSV as well.

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