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Reboot Modem in IE8?

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Hello all,

I am making a program that will restart my modem by doing the following steps:

1:Navigate IE8 to ""

2:Clicking on the "Utilities" button

3:Clicking the "Reboot" button

4:Clicking the "OK" button

So far I've made it to step 1(

#include <IE.au3>

$IE = _IECreate("")


for step 2 I've tried something like this:(

$Form = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($IE,"realpage")

$Utilities = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($Form,"Utilities")



But this just gives me an error message saying:

--> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IEFormElementGetObjByName, $_IEStatus_InvalidObjectType

--> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IEFormElementGetObjByName, $_IEStatus_InvalidDataType

C:\Users\Smith Family\Desktop\Adam\Programming\Autoit Projects\Test.au3 (63) : ==> Variable must be of type "Object".:


$Utilities^ ERROR


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If you use _IEFormElementGetObjByName then the first parameter (in your case $IE) must be a form element. At the moment you are using the browser/document element. You can use _IEGetObjByName which is not form element specific.

For a click, you can use _IEAction($obj, "click") and your code will not crash when it fails. 8) After a click, the _IE library does not assume that navigation happens. So you want to use _IELoadWait function to pause your script until page loading is complete.

As a last note, be aware that if the element you are trying to get via _IEGetObjByName is in a frame (my Linksys router uses frames) then you need to get the correct frame first via _IEFrame* (or similar), then use _IEGetObjByName on the frame object.

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