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pixel grup read simple question

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hi everyone,

i have an simple question, it's there possible to make an tool to search on screen using an image, i mean, an small image cuted from screen and to find the position of that cut in screen, for example, on screen it's an image of multiple houses, i cut one house, same pixels, and use it like source for the script for searching the screen and find the position of the house in screen

i have some ideas how to make it using arrays and pixels read, but i want to see some opinions, maybe some ides, i will be glad to see new ideas, and i want you guys if you have an little free time to give your opinion about it, i don't have many experience in autoit, i mean i didn't do many tools to see the speed reaction for this kind of tool, can you tell me, it will work well? i mean it will be slow? how slow?

thank you, and i waiting some opinions and maybe some ideas


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Similar thread (posted today) here:

Should do what you want.

thank you for the topic, it's exactly what i need it, works like hell, i love it!

thank you again

regards, emanuel

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