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If you have a lot of (jpg - just one ext I added) photos, and you haven't much time to sort bad from good, here you are, small script for lazy people. One man said that there is problem with windows 7 but I didn't tested.


#include <file.au3>
#include <array.au3>
MsgBox(64, "Master wizard", "Please follow step by step.")
Global $input_source_path = FileSelectFolder("Select unsorted photos folder", @HomeDrive)
Global $output_source_path = FileSelectFolder("Select folder where to save good photos", @HomeDrive, 1)
Run(@WindowsDir & "\" & $input_source_path)
WinSetState($input_source_path, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)
$file_list = _FileListToArray($input_source_path, "*.jpg", 1)
MsgBox(64, "Next steps", "I have found " & $file_list[0] & " image files." & @CR & "Now I will start with first image and ask you about corresponding action")
For $i = 1 to $file_list[0]
    ShellExecute($input_source_path & "\" & $file_list[$i])
    $action = MsgBox(262212, "Action", "Copy this photo?")
    If $action = 6 Then
    FileCopy($input_source_path & "\" & $file_list[$i], $output_source_path, 0)
    If $action = 7 Then MsgBox(0, "User decision", "Copy refused!")

P.S. program don't work in windows 7 environment,... dunno why, .. may be because of some functions incompatibility with windows 7. Thx for attention. ...

P.S.2 Why nobody replyes the post?

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