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Hello, I want to make a macro for my parents that automatically categorizes all their products in their webshop it should do something like this :

I pick a category, and select all the products that I want to be in that category.

Then it opens those files, and puts all of them in the category

(This does not have to be fully automated, A humand hand does not matter that much, but doing all the products ourself will take weeks or months of work)

the webshop looks like this :

Posted Image

as you see, it's in dutch but I could not change it to english, the black titles are the titles of the products, above the titles are the current categories, and underneath is the price and the stock, to the left is a button called "Bewerken" wich mean edit.

This is the edit menu :

Posted Image

In order :

Article name

Category (I want it to change this ! it's a dropdown menu)





The "Opslaan" button means "save".

Does anyone know where to start, at wich functions should I look in the help file?

Thank you.

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