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Want to lunch application (.exe) install other than C: drive

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Can anybody help me how to lunch an application install other than C:drive, without using hardcoded path in Run().

Thanks in advanced



The sample script used here


$Path = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\DU Meter\DUMeter.exe"

For $i= 1 to 9999999

$name = RegEnumVal($Path, $i)

If @error <> 0 then ExitLoop

$value = RegRead($Path,$name)

MsgBox(4096, "SubKey #" & $i & " under " & $Path,"Name: " & $name & ", Value: " & $value)



My PC configuration details:

1. Having 4 Drives: C,D,E & F

2. Installed Win-7 Proffessional

3. And the DUMeter.exe is installed in F:drive, and also other apps Gtalk,AIM,Skype are installed in F:drive

Now i need a script which can the above application without using the installation path

please suggest me how do i search the path first for the particular application & put it into Run()

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