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WinWait or what?

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Hello everybody,

Below I put a modified part of my script.

I run application sleep30s.exe on Desktop12 computer in use psexec program from my computer.

When I run it then appear CommandPrompt Window with title \\Desktop12: sleep30s.exe

The problem is in the next step. Installation sleep30s.exe last about 45seconds and depends on network speed. I have to pause execution of the script until the CommandPrompt Window is closed

During pause I would show splash text "Installation in progress..."

Have you any idea?

    ;Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'ping -n 7 ' & $line )
    Msgbox(0,"Online","Computer is online")
    Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'psexec \\' & $line & ' -c -w %windir%\PE C:\DATA\sleep30s.exe')
    SplashTextOn("Sleep", "Installation in progress in " & $line)
      WinExists("\\" & $line & ": sleep30s.exe","")

    Msgbox(0,"Sleep","Installation finished")

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WinWaitClose? :)

I am sure I checked WinWaitClose earlier. I've just replaced with WinExists and its working!

Probably I made a mistake in syntax. Key that is already running.

Thank you

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