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Accessing another program's buttonclick in AutoIt

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I would like to develop a virtual remote control application for PC control from a Windows 7 computer in AutoIt. A premade application called IRCommand2 that can run in the background & minimized has been tested & functions properly by itself. It has available COM objects so AutoIt scripting with a fancy form --- should result in a much more attractive & more tailormade interface than IRCommand2 by itself. IRCommand2 support does not know of anybody who has done this with AutoIt but they said if it is a scripting program it should work & to look at the examples on their website --- I provided the pertinent links below.



To put things in the simplest form I created Form1 with Button1 as shown in the attached screenshot. I knew I had to make sure the IRCommand2 app was running which I put in AutoIt on the first line. It does successfully load the program --- so that is a start --- whether I am overlooking needed protocol with just that one line is also a question from me ---- that hopefully an AutoIt pro or two here can answer --- including the next steps I need for this basic building block of at least 15 buttons or clickable images.

The very end result should be a reliable very attractive Virtual Remote Control run on a PC that even the general public could use on a public kiosk without danger of settings being changed etc. If I can reach that point I will gladly share the tested interface code done in AutoIT with the rest of you if any of you are interested in eventually doing something similar with your Home Theater or Automation needs.

Right now I need help setting up of that first button's code by the rest of you since I believe AutoIt is a better fit than Visual Basic. I want to make sure I don't overlook any technicalities or get in any deeper if I can't make any of your suggestions work reliably enough.

I notice in the ObjectViewer in VB6 Pro the com registered referenced library shows as Global Class IRC2Application Member of IRCOMMAND2

In that same VB6 Pro ObjectViewer it then shows Function ClickButton(Device As String, BtnPath As String) As Boolean Member of IRCommand2.IRC2Application.


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