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Hi, there is a built-in function PixelSearch that uses an internal calculation "number of shades of variation of the red, green, and blue components of the colour", however I didn't see any separate function available to calculate such color differences independently.

This is a fairly simple thing to calculate, but since I needed it for my Disable Chrome Incognito script I thought I would include it here in case anyone else finds it useful. My apologies if someone already posted something similar, but I did a quick search and didn't see it.

#include <Math.au3>
; Note: Math.au3 needed for _Max()

Func _ColorDiff($color1, $color2, $min_return = 0)
  If $color1 = $color2 Then
    Return $min_return
  Return _ColorDiff(BitShift($color1,8), BitShift($color2,8), _Max($min_return, Abs(BitAnd($color1, 0xFF) - BitAnd($color2, 0xFF))))

Note: my version returns the max shade difference across R G and B (not the sum of the three differences).

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