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Writing into EOF of currently running EXE.

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I can write to EOF of unopened files quite easliy.

But I want to make something that can change dynamically.

How can I bypass the file security for a currently running EXE so that the EOF can be written???

EG: Running test.exe causes the date to be written to the EOF of test.exe.

(EOF = End of File)

Is this even possible???


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Why write something at EOF and not use the program resources for that?

Because "Imagination".

And it would be pretty cool to do it manually, and then also read the data and do whatever you wan't with it.

I guarantee you this wont be the last question in reference to writing data to EOF.

I've tried doing it myself but ended up with a pile of miserable failure.

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Jos's question was more of philosophical nature, surely.

You can't write to any part of file of running executable. That includes EOF too because of simple fact that running file is in locked state. Also there is absolutely no way of unlocking it, in case someone would be wondering.

Workaround is to run one executable in address space of another. That way file image of the run executable is freed the moment the reading of the image is done, and the locked one is the "victim" process. I call this subrogation and have posted both dll and exe implementations of this unique technique.




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