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Need Bot to do Random Updates on selling site

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I have a client that wants me to write a bot or something that will allow him to basically click a Relist link on a site. No it's not Ebay. I developer friend of mine pointed me to AutoIt.

The point of clicking the ReList button/icon is to send his listing back to the top of the list. He currently has around 20 listings. I've read through the TOS and there's nothing against it. The reason for relisting is because the listings are not dealer specific and if your lists are #1 or close you get clicked more often. The site is ASP based, if that makes a difference.

I could even run this thing on one of my spare PCs so he doesn't have to deal with it.

Anyway, I've done some VBScripting before, but that was mostly for Windows Login Scripts.

However, when I opened AutoIt, I got that Deer in the head lights look.

Anyone know what I might be getting myself into here?


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Read through the help file and check out the tutorials. Also look at the IE management functions.


You might find the excellent tutorials here and here to be of interest if you wish to progress in your AutoIt knowledge. There are even video tutorials on YouTube if you prefer watching to reading.


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