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Confirmation of a Document

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Hi AutoIt Gurus,

Thank you for all the help, i am trying to add little bit intelligence to my program which basically publishes the documents and copies to destination.

Since the publisher is a third party, i want to confirm the document i have published is same i am copying to the destination folder.

My idea is to ensure the document has a file name, same as i am asking to publish at a particular location in file and compare it against it every time.

Searching the whole file for the file name may mislead as i may get lot of references.

Now how to read a particular location of the file. Say header of the file, which i propose to have same file name i am print

FileReadLine() i guess reads line by line all the lines of the document. Is there a quick way to FileOpen() read a particular string at a particular location and confirm that file is right.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

-- Anand

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FileReadLine() accepts a parameter for line number. If you know which line you want, there is no need to loop through them. If you have a byte offset you could use FileSetPos() to go there for FileRead().


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Thank you PsaltyDs,

Probably i will write into template the file name, based on which documen is published. get the filegetpos() to use filesetpos() to read to compare the contents. Thank you.



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