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WinActiviate resets focus stealing

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I'm using WinActivate in a script and, every time it runs, it resets my focus-stealing settings and I have to go into TweakUI and click "Prevent applications from stealing focus." The next time the script runs, it somehow unchecks the box. How do I get the script to activate a specific window without resetting my focus stealing properties?

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If Not WinActive("Untitled -") Then

      WinSetState("Untitled -", "", @SW_SHOW)


I this shold do it



Sorry, I'm a total newb. Where in my script would that go? Here's my script:

While 1

$index = 0

While WinExists("Siemens SmartSync")

$index = $index + 1

If $index < 5 Then

ControlClick("Siemens SmartSync", "&Retry",4)


WinActivate ("Simenes SmartSync")

ControlClick("Siemens SmartSync", "Cancel",2)



Sleep(10000); <- depends on the time it take till the next Retry window




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*** remember i cannot test this, so

for testing just ad a ";" without the quotes before winactivate... like this

; WinActivate ("Simenes SmartSync")

then copy this right below that

If Not WinActive("Siemens SmartSync") Then

WinSetState("Siemens SmartSync", "", @SW_SHOW)


should work

good luck



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