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Calculating coordinates between different monitors

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Let's say my monitor resolution is 800x600 and my friend's monitor resolution is 1500x1000.

How do I calculate a pixel coordinate in my screen to the coordinate of my friend's screen?

Like if I choose the 400,300 pixel I should get 750,500.

I have both my resolution and my friend resolution as vars and the pixel coordinates as well

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A very simple math calculation:

$myres_w= 800 ;@DesktopWidth
$myres_h = 600 ;@DesktopHeight
$friends_w = 1500
$friends_h = 1000

$my_x = 400
$my_y = 300

$friends_x = Round(($my_x / $myres_w) * $friends_w, 0)
$friends_y = Round(($my_y / $myres_h) * $friends_h, 0)

MsgBox(0, "Test", "Friend's coordinate: " & $friends_x & " x " & $friends_y)



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