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Is It Possible To Make?

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I Want To Make A Input Box and a Msgbox.

I want that When Anyone Open That Script, He/She Will Be Asked To Give/Type A Password In The TextArea. If He/She Can't Give The Password/Give Wrong Password/Click Cancel, A MsgBox Will Appear Which Will Tell A Instruction To Know The Password.

And If Type The Correct Password,He Will Go To A Website Automatically.

Please I'm a Very Novice. Please Help Me.

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check this may help ..

Func Password()
 While 1
  $pass = InputBox(" Login ! ", "Enter A password to login ..", "", "*" & "M9", 200, 130)
  If $pass = "DORA" Then ExitLoop
  If @error Then Exit
  If $pass <> "DORA" Then MsgBox(0, "Password ", " The password is ""DORA"" ")
EndFunc   ;==>Password

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