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question about _WinAPI_RoundRect

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Hello ;

I am trying to simulate the Group control. I am bit successful to create it with the help of some examples that i found in the WINAPIEx library , but now I am facing a strange behavior, after successful creation of RoundRect, if I minimize the GUI and restore it again, the created Rect changes its size.

I am unable to understand why it’s happening on my side and not in the example.

here is my rough attempt:

#include <Constants.au3>

#include <FontConstants.au3>

#include <WinAPIEx.au3>

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

Global Const $STM_SETIMAGE = 0x0172

Global Const $STM_GETIMAGE = 0x0173

Global $hForm, $Group1

; Create GUI

$hForm = GUICreate('MyGUI', 400, 400)


$Group1 = CreateFrame(50, 50, 200, 200)

;GUICtrlCreateLabel("This is a Test",20,20)



Until GUIGetMsg() = -3

Func CreateFrame($x, $y, $w, $h);,$MODE = 1)

Local $Pic = GUICtrlCreatePic('', $x, $y, $w, $h)

Local $hPic = GUICtrlGetHandle($Pic)

; Create bitmap

Local $hDev = _WinAPI_GetDC($hPic)

Local $hDC = _WinAPI_CreateCompatibleDC($hDev)

Local $hSource = _WinAPI_CreateCompatibleBitmapEx($hDev, 400, 400, _WinAPI_SwitchColor(_WinAPI_GetSysColor($COLOR_3DFACE)))

Local $hSv = _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hSource)

; Border Color

Local $hOldPen = _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, _WinAPI_GetStockObject($DC_PEN))

_WinAPI_SetDCPenColor($hDC, 0xCCCCCC)

; Create Frame

;!!!!!!!Before compile load it from resource!!!!!!!

Local $hPattern = _WinAPI_LoadImage(0, @ScriptDir & '\Pattern.bmp', $IMAGE_BITMAP, $w, $w, $LR_LOADFROMFILE)

;!!!!!!!Before compile load it from resource!!!!!!!

Local $hBrush = _WinAPI_CreateBrushIndirect($BS_PATTERN, 0, $hPattern)

Local $hObj = _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hBrush)

Local $tRECT = _WinAPI_CreateRect(0, 0, $w, $h)

_WinAPI_RoundRect($hDC, $tRECT, 20, 20)

_WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hObj)



; Merge bitmap

Local $hBitmap = _WinAPI_CreateCompatibleBitmap($hDev, 400, 400)

Local $hPen = _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hOldPen)


_WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hBitmap)

_WinAPI_DrawBitmap($hDC, 0, 0, $hSource, $MERGECOPY)

_WinAPI_ReleaseDC($hPic, $hDev)

_WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hSv)



; Set bitmap to control

_SendMessage($hPic, $STM_SETIMAGE, 0, $hBitmap)

Local $hObj = _SendMessage($hPic, $STM_GETIMAGE)

If $hObj <> $hBitmap Then


Return SetError(1)



Return SetError(0,0,$Pic)

EndFunc ;==>CreateFrame

here is a bitmap that i am using as pattern

Posted Image


Edited by Digisoul

73 108 111 118 101 65 117 116 111 105 116

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