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aspx and java data retrieval

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Hello all,

I'm currently trying to write a piece of software that pulls text from a chat website and puts it in a label or something.

the website uses aspx and the page has about 5 frames in it with one being where the chat from everyone is displayed and refreshed. Inside of that aspx is some java script. The actual page seems to refresh when someone types something new.

What I'm trying to do is create something in a window using $GUIActiveX = GUICtrlCreateObj($oIE, 10, 40, 810, 360) using _IENavigate ($oIElisten, "http://website/chat.aspx").

My problems are that I can use _IEAction "refresh" to refresh the page and it shows in my window however I'm not sure how to get the page that displays in the window to stay scrolled down to the bottom all of the time where the new chat is displayed.

I'm also wondering if there's a way to just pull the chat text from the website.aspx and just keep the chat text in a label or something without actually having to load the chat.aspx in my form.

I don't have direct access to any databases on the chat site and I've got to work with the the aspx that's given to me.

After reading through some of the help files with autoit and browsing through the forums here I'm still at a loss being somewhat new to autoit.

What would be the best way available to me to get this chat text into my form either in a way that I can refresh it scrolling up using a label or textbox and after doing so is it posible to be able to have the form read individual lines of text and perform actions accordingly?

Thanks for the help and I'll provide more information if I can.

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