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IE-Builder 2.0.1 reporting errors

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Hi all,

I am new to AutoIt. I am trying to use IE-Builder (IE-library_v2.0.1.au3, with AutoIt v3.3.6.1) to get more information about this page: http://www.cooltrader.com.au/members/mindex.php.

I entered the URL into IE-Builder (login details left blank), clicked on Go, and then went to display Source Code. I got some output in IE-Builder, which I assume is incomplete, because the Script reported a number of "COM Error Encountered in IE-library_v2.0.1.au3" :

1x in Scriptline = 649, ErrorNumberHex = 000000A9, "Variable must be of type 'Object'",

1x in Scriptline = 661, ErrorNumberHex = 000000A9, "Variable is not of type 'Object'", and

75x in Scriptline = 670, ErrorNumberHex = 80020006, "Unknown name".

How can I fix these errors? Am I using an obsolete version of IE-Builder? (Initially, the top row buttons didn't have any pictures on them. In the .au3 version I managed to get all but two of them back, but the downloaded .exe version still has them 'blank'.) Any changes to the code needed for use with latest AutoIt? Or am I using it incorrectly? Is there a guide, or a description, or some kind of documentation available somewhere on the Web, on how to use it (my searches didn't produce anything)?

Any help is very much appreciated - Thanks.

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the problem is that Web Sites have starting moving away from using the 'INPUT' value and using things like DIV and STRONG like www.gmail.com

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