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Some did something with SimpleNote PHP plugin Au3 library?

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Did anybody manage any Library to add,delete,modify records of any Iphone database, I mean with a Iphone client?

This one for PHP:


Library simplenote:



Sample Perl syncs txt files:



How to:

sending PHP queries:

https://simple-note.appspot.com/api/ :

public function get_note($clave_delanota)

public function save_note($content, $note_key = '')

public function delete_note($note_key)

public function login($email, $password)

public function search($search_term, $max_results = 10, $offset_index = 0)

$url . "delete?key=$key&auth=$token&email=$email"

my $response = $ua->get($url . "delete?key=$key&auth=$token&email=$email");

return $response->content;

Simple PHP interface for the Simplenote API (no pun intended)

* Created by Abraham Vegh

* http://github.com/abrahamvegh/simplenote-php/

I was thinking of making an autoit Interface app to manage some sync or listing/searching of my data.


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