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Regex help parsing an HTML tag

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Hi all, thanks for the continued responsiveness and help on all my Autoit questions!

I have some snippets of HTML where i'm trying to parse the "value=XXX" field:

<INPUT class="class 2" onselectstart="return me.function1;" id=WD0302  tabIndex=-1 readOnly maxLength=30 value="SOME Multi-word VALUE.COM" name=WD0302>
<INPUT class="class1" onselectstart="return me.functionN" id=abc123   name=WD0304 tabIndex=-1 readOnly maxLength=30 value=SingleWordValue>

The "value=" field can come anywhere within the <INPUT> tag, and if it's a multi-word value, then double quotes get placed around it. Otherwise, if it's single-worded, there are not quotation marks. I wish to extract a String array:

$array[n] = "Some Multi-word VALUE.COM"
$array[n+1] = "SingleWordValue"

I'm trying to use StringRegExp() for this purpose with:

(?i).* value="?(.+)"?.+

However, I'm not getting the desired effect because I seem to be getting tripped up with the optional quotes and/or spaces. Any help on tweaking (or re-writing) my string would help...

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Try this demo:

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IE_Example("Form")
$colInputs = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "INPUT")
$iIndex = 0
For $oInput In $colInputs
    ConsoleWrite($iIndex & ":  " & $oInput.value & @LF)
    $iIndex += 1


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