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Working with acrobat - Adobe

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Dear All,

Could you please suggest a better way of doing the below process in AutoIT.

I need to automate the below process using AutoIT.

1. Need to connect with database (sql server) and check with some table and field.

2. Ifthe database value is true, then we have to open a respective pdf in acrobat professional not in reader (pdf location will be available in database)

3.Then need to save a copy (Save As) of the pdf in different location (Destination path available in database).

4.This should happen whenever database value is true so the application should keep running.

I know we can do this in .net , but this is a special case we have to do this in AutoIT for different purpose. Please help in this regard



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Why you have to open Acrobat and not simple only to copy the pdf.

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