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RunAs and Windows 7

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I have a question regarding the use of RunAs under Windows 7.

Until recently, we've been a completely WinXP SP3 shop. I've used the following code (flawlessly) to make a script run itself with elevated privileges:

RunAs($USERNAME,$DOMAIN,$PASSWORD,0,@ComSpec & " /c " & Chr(34) & @ScriptFullPath & Chr(34),@TempDir,@SW_HIDE)
If @error Then MsgBox(4096+32,@Error, "Error starting under admin mode")

Under Windows 7, this process no longer functions, ending with @Error = 1. After much hair-pulling and experimentation, I finally got it to work under 7 by changing the logon_flag from 0 to 4. I'm afraid I don't really understand what this does, only that it worked... mostly.

This seems to work fine on 32-bit Win7. However, if I run it on 64-bit Win7, I get the same results as before... failure with @Error = 1. No matter what I set the flag to, I get the same results. I've tried compiling the script as 32 bit and also 64 bit with no differences.

Any ideas where this might be going wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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Did you ever get this to work? I have run into exactly the same problem.

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