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Problems with Control ID/ClassNameNN

Guest bburchfiel

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Guest bburchfiel

I am a new AutoIt user, but an experienced programmer (and a frustrated one now! :) ) Hopefully someone can help.

I have written a VB.NET application and compiled it into an EXE. Now I want to automate the testing of that application on different machines using AutoIt.

On my first 2 machines, my script failed to run. It turns out that AU3INFO shows different Control IDs for the same field, and different ClassNameNNs as well. For example, a button that I need to click has the following properties on one machine:

Control ID: 4852174

ClassNameNN: WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app422

but the following on the other:

Control ID: 1377034

ClassNameNN: WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app622

Needless to say, this disconnect makes it difficult to call ControlClick.

This seems like a very basic problem, so hopefully I have just misconfigured something or made some other simple mistake. Please help me see the error of my ways!



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Guest bburchfiel

.Net Applications are not supported by ControlID. That is exactly what happens.


This is not good news. What are my other options?

Is there some way to make AutoIt work for me on different machines (like loading the classnamenn values from an INI file)?

Or is there a better automation tool for vb.net?

Any help would be appreciated!


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