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AutoIT installer Broken?

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I've been using AutoIT for 6 years, on both windows XP and windows Server 2003.

In november I bought a new computer and last week I started a new job. I installed Auto IT from the download site on my new machines both running windows 7. I found that the drop down menu that appears for a right click didn't contain "Edit", nor did the "New AutoIT Script" feature appear. I perused the registery and found an entry for the au3 class, but it doesn't seem to operate. Scite seems to work OK, but I have to run tidy from outside the editor. And the macro recorder is missing from the tools menu.

Yesterday I used an older installer, circa Aug 2010, on a WindowsPE test system. These menus appeared and seemed to work as I remembered.

What am I missing?

Regards Tom Bodine


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There may or may not have occurred an error during installation. There was also a decision to separate AutoIt and the full editor download. You need to install SciTE separately which might add some expected missing features. So to sum up:

Then see if it works as expected.

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