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This is based off of ExpandEnvStrings () which was made by Blindwig. I just modified it with permission from Blindwig.

It expands variables in a string. to use it just put the variable name in between two $ signs if you want to have a literal $ then double it up like $$.

#CS Test (Note this test must be run in scite.)
$A="This is a test"
ConsoleWrite(_ExpandVarStrings("A=$A$ $$"))

Func _ExpandVarStrings($sInput)
    Dim $aPart = StringSplit($sInput,'$')
    If @error Then
        Return $sInput
    Dim $sOut = $aPart[1], $i = 2, $Var = ''
;loop through the parts
    While $i <= $aPart[0]
        $Var = Eval ($aPart[$i])
        If $Var <> '' Then;this part is an expandable Variable
            $sOut = $sOut & $Var
            $i = $i + 1
            If $i <= $aPart[0] Then $sOut = $sOut & $aPart[$i]
        ElseIf $aPart[$i] = '' Then;a double-$ is used to force a single $
            $sOut = $sOut & '$'
            $i = $i + 1
            If $i <= $aPart[0] Then $sOut = $sOut & $aPart[$i]
        Else;this part is to be returned literally
            $sOut = $sOut & '$' & $aPart[$i]
        $i = $i + 1
    Return $sOut


ExpandEnvStrings() can be found here.

Edited by SolidSnake
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