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Help launching calc.exe on computer through browser

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Hi Guys,

Hope you can help, I've created a lot of scripts with autoit. But I need to now launch code on a client through a web browser (Internet Explorer 7/8)

To start me off, could anyone help me to launch an exe on a client - for example calc.exe through activex?

Thanks Guys.

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I figured it out anyway using activex, this will launch calc.exe then close the IE window. Not autoIT, just name the file with .html as the extension.

You could put your autoit.exe in the path instead of calc.exe to launch through the browser.


var ws = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");





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As I said before, it only works in Internet Explorer.

Sadly :); i really wish there could be some more functionlity to it; do you know if there is a Java based interpreter? like one i can use in my page?

i think an alternative would work too; check if autoit script is installed, then run a command to autoit.exe

to grab one of my scripts from my site, then execute it with user permission; but i need to find a java alternative so that it can be run from other browsers

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