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Change value on a onclick javascript form?

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Hello :)

Im stuck on a little problem here :/

I want to change/set the value of a onclick form in IE.

Is this posible with autoit, or do i need to use Javascript?

I will give you some info:

<td id="2" class="i1" width="100%" colspan="2" onclick="cOption(this);

I have got the object by ID. _IEGetObjById($oIE, 2), but how can i set a new value?

If i click the buttom with mouse, it pops up a text box where im supposed to fill in a number.

Info from the box:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: Explorer User Prompt

Class: #32770

Position: 41, 42

Size: 488, 129

Style: 0x94C800C4

ExStyle: 0x00010101

Handle: 0x00600392

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: Edit

Instance: 1

ClassnameNN: Edit1


Advanced (Class): [CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]

ID: 8133


Position: 11, 68

Size: 461, 21

ControlClick Coords: 291, 10

Style: 0x50010080

ExStyle: 0x00000204

Handle: 0x0012046C

Hope someone have a answer :)

Question: How can i fill in a value/data?

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I would first check the code of the cOption(this) function.

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