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Packet Analyst with WinPcap

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Hi all,

I have a problem when using this WinPcap UDF: http://opensource.grisambre.net/pcapau3/

I can listen all the packet Recv or Send from my computer.

    If IsArray($packet) Then 
        $data = $packet[3]
        ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & $data)

With above code, the result look like for: 0x0018E7C5C9280016EA9B37E60800450000286856400080064467C0A8D5AF750342B707CB785AD378136FD285D983501011193D920000

I just know: 0018E7C5C9280016EA9B37E6 mean the source & destination mac address, right ?

How about the rest ? and can anyone help me example to Send a package using this UDF.

Thanks much

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