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Login system wişth hwid control

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Hi all,

I am working on a project that needs user information to log them in to the tool. SO far I have this :

Func _Login($sUsername, $sPassword)
    $hRequest = InetRead("http://localhost.com/login.php?username=" & $sUsername & "&password=" & $sPassword, 1)
    If $hRequest = "0x0A56414C4944204C4F47494E" Then
        MsgBox(0, "Login", "Login Successful! Welcome " & $sUsername & "!")     

I wont to add a hwid protection to this , after sending the form tool gets hwid of user and sends with the form.Like :

$hRequest = InetRead("http://localhost.com/login.php?username=" & $sUsername & "&password=" & $sPassword & "&hwid=" & $shwid 1)

I dont no if this is correct ??? and I chouldnt figure out how the form will look for hwid of user and send in background with the other information ?

Hope I havent explain this to compilicate.... Thanks.

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